SR EN ISO 11133:2014

Microbiologia alimentelor, hranei pentru animale şi a apei. Preparare, producere, depozitare şi încercări de performanţă ale mediilor de cultură

ISO 11133:2014 defines terms related to quality assurance of culture media and specifies the requirements for the preparation of culture media intended for the microbiological analysis of food, animal feed, and samples from the food or feed production environment as well as all kinds of water intended for consumption or used in food production. These requirements are applicable to all categories of culture media prepared for use in laboratories performing microbiological analyses. ISO 11133:2014 also sets criteria and describes methods for the performance testing of culture media. It applies to producers such as: commercial bodies producing and/or distributing ready-to-use or semi-finished reconstituted or dehydrated media; non-commercial bodies supplying media to third parties; microbiological laboratories preparing culture media for their own use.

375,36 Lei

Status : In vigoare
Data aprobării : 31.10.2014
Număr de pagini : 106
ICS : 07.100.30 Microbiologie alimentara
Comitet tehnic : 95 - Produse agroalimentare şi horticole şi metode de analiză

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