SR EN 134:2024

Aparate de protecție respiratorie. Nomenclatorul componentelor

This document specifies the nomenclature for typical components of respiratory protective devices. It does not specify which or how many components are used and where they are located in the apparatus. The illustrations used are given as examples only for the identification of the different parts and the corresponding terms for facilitating the application. The terms and definitions used are given in EN ISO 16972:2020 and EN 135:1998. The terms are given in the three official CEN languages.

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Status : In vigoare
Data aprobării : 30.04.2024
Număr de pagini : 27
ICS : 13.340.30 Dispozitive de protectie respiratorie
Comitet tehnic : 227 - Mijloace individuale de protecţie

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