SR EN ISO 128-2:2020

Documentație tehnică de produs. Principii generale de reprezentare. Partea 2: Convenţii de bază pentru linii

This document establishes the types of lines used in technical drawings (e.g. diagrams, plans or maps), their designations and their configurations, as well as general rules for the draughting of lines. In addition, this document specifies general rules for the representation of leader and reference lines and their components as well as for the arrangement of instructions on or at leader lines in technical documents. Annexes have been provided for specific information on mechanical, construction and shipbuilding technical drawings. For the purposes of this document the term "technical drawing" is interpreted in the broadest possible sense encompassing the total package of documentation specifying the product (workpiece, subassembly, assembly).

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Status : Anulat
Data aprobării : 30.09.2020
Data anulării : 30.12.2022
Număr de pagini : 80
ICS : 01.100.01 Desene tehnice în general
Comitet tehnic : 55 - Documentaţie, desen tehnic şi simboluri grafice

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