SR EN 12350-5:2019

Încercare pe beton proaspăt. Partea 5: Încercare cu masa de răspândire

This document specifies a method for determining the flow of fresh concrete. It is not applicable to self-compacting concrete, foamed concrete, no-fines concrete, or for concrete having a declared value of D of the coarsest fraction of aggregates actually used in the concrete (Dmax) of greater than 63 mm. The flow test is sensitive to changes in the consistency of concrete, which correspond to flow values between 340 mm and 620 mm. Beyond these extremes the flow table test may be unsuitable and other methods of determining the consistence should be considered.

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Status : In vigoare
Data aprobării : 31.10.2019
Număr de pagini : 13
ICS : 91.100.30 Beton si produse din beton
Comitet tehnic : 321 - Beton şi prefabricate din beton

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