SR EN ISO 2081:2018

Acoperiri metalice şi alte acoperiri anorganice. Acoperiri electrochimice de zinc pe fontă sau oţel, cu tratament suplimentar

ISO 2081:2018 specifies requirements for electroplated coatings of zinc with supplementary treatments on iron or steel. It includes information to be supplied by the purchaser to the electroplater, and the requirements for heat treatment before and after electroplating. ISO 2081:2018 is not applicable to zinc coatings applied - to sheet, strip or wire in the non-fabricated form, - to close-coiled springs, or - for purposes other than protective or decorative. ISO 2081:2018 does not specify requirements for the surface condition of the basis metal prior to electroplating with zinc. However, defects in the surface of the basis metal can adversely affect the appearance and performance of the coating. The coating thickness that can be applied to threaded components can be limited by dimensional requirements, including class or fit.

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Status : In vigoare
Data aprobării : 31.08.2018
Număr de pagini : 22
ICS : 25.220.40 Acoperiri metalice
Comitet tehnic : 157 - Coroziunea şi protecţia anticorozivă a materialelor metalice

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