SR EN ISO 4885:2017

Materiale feroase. Tratamente termice. Vocabular

ISO 4885:2017 defines important terms used in the heat treatment of ferrous materials. NOTE The term ferrous materials include products and workpieces of steel and cast iron. Annex A provides an alphabetical list of terms defined in this document, as well as their equivalents in French, German, Chinese and Japanese. Table 1 shows the various iron-carbon (Fe-C) phases.

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Status : Anulat
Data aprobării : 31.07.2017
Data anulării : 31.10.2018
Număr de pagini : 50
ICS : 01.040.25 Tehnici de fabricare (Vocabulare),01.040.77 Metalurgie (Vocabulare),25.200 Tratamente termice,77.140.01 Produse din otel si fonta în general
Comitet tehnic : 42 - Oţeluri şi feroaliaje

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