SR EN ISO 6887-1:2017

Microbiologia lanţului alimentar. Pregătirea probei pentru analiză, a suspensiei iniţiale şi a diluţiilor decimale pentru examenul microbiologic. Partea 1: Reguli generale pentru pregătirea suspensiei iniţiale şi a diluţiilor decimale

ISO 6887-1:2017 defines general rules for the aerobic preparation of the initial suspension and of dilutions for microbiological examinations of products intended for human or animal consumption. ISO 6887-1:2017 is applicable to the general case and other parts apply to specific groups of products as mentioned in the foreword. Some aspects might also be applicable to molecular methods where matrices can be associated with inhibition of the PCR steps and consequently affect the test result. ISO 6887-1:2017 excludes preparation of samples for both enumeration and detection test methods where preparation instructions are detailed in specific International Standards.

181,93 Lei

Status : In vigoare
Data aprobării : 28.04.2017
Număr de pagini : 38
ICS : 07.100.30 Microbiologie alimentara
Comitet tehnic : 95 - Produse agroalimentare şi horticole şi metode de analiză

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