SR EN ISO 16140-1:2016

Microbiologia lanţului alimentar. Validarea metodelor. Partea 1: Vocabular

ISO 16140-1:2016 defines general terms and definitions relating to method validation of microbiology in the food chain. It is applicable to the validation of methods for the analysis (detection or quantification) of microorganisms in - products intended for human consumption, - products intended for animal feeding, - environmental samples in the area of food and feed production, handling, and - samples from the primary production stage.

148,10 Lei

Status : In vigoare
Data aprobării : 23.12.2016
Număr de pagini : 24
ICS : 07.100.30 Microbiologie alimentara
Comitet tehnic : 95 - Produse agroalimentare şi horticole şi metode de analiză

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