SR EN 1728:2012

Mobilier. Scaune. Metode de încercare pentru determinarea rezistenţei şi durabilităţii

This European Standard specifies test methods for the determination of strength and durability of the structure of all types of seating without regard to use, materials, design/construction or manufacturing process. This European Standard does not apply to children’s highchairs, table mounted chairs and bath seats which are covered by other European Standards. Test methods for the assessment of ageing, degradation, ergonomics and electrical functions are not included. The test methods are not intended to assess the durability of upholstery materials, such as upholstery filling materials and upholstery covers. This European Standard does not include any requirements. Requirements for different end uses can be found in other Standards.

212,21 Lei

Status : In vigoare
Data aprobării : 21.12.2012
Număr de pagini : 58
ICS : 97.140 Mobila
Comitet tehnic : 118 - Lemn şi produse finite şi semifinite de lemn, maşini şi utilaje pentru prelucrarea lemnului

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