SR EN ISO 1133:2005

Materiale plastice. Determinarea indicelui de fluiditate la cald a materialelor termoplastice, în masă (MFR) şi în volum (MVR)

ISO 1133:2005 specifies two procedures for the determination of the melt mass-flow rate (MFR) and the melt volume-flow rate (MVR) of thermoplastic materials under specified conditions of temperature and load. One is a mass-measurement method. The other is a displacement-measurement method. Normally, the test conditions for measurement of melt flow rate are specified in the material standard with a reference to ISO 1133. The test conditions normally used for thermoplastics are listed in annexes. These methods are in principle also applicable to thermoplastics for which the rheological behaviour is affected during the measurement by phenomena such as hydrolysis, condensation or crosslinking, but only if the effect is limited in extent and only if the repeatability and reproducibility are within an acceptable range. For materials which show significantly affected rheological behaviour during testing, these methods are not appropriate. In such cases, the use of the viscosity number in dilute solution, determined in accordance with the relevant part of ISO 1628, is recommended for

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Status : Anulat
Data aprobării : 23.12.2005
Data publicării : 25.12.2005
Data anulării : 31.05.2012
Număr de pagini : 23
ICS : 83.080.20 Materiale termoplastice
Comitet tehnic : 108 - Materiale plastice şi cauciuc, metode de analiză şi produse

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