The Romanian Standards Association (ASRO) – is a Romanian association that is a private law, public benefit, non-lucrative, non-governmental and apolitical legal entity constituted based on the provisions of Law No 163/2015 on national standardization and on the Ordinance on associations and foundations. The ASRO headquarters is in Bucharest 1, zip code 010362, Mendeleev 21-25 Street, telephone 0374 999 188, unique registration code RO11134288, bank account RO 77 RNCB 0082 0441 6720 0010, open at BCR Unirea. 

Vendor – Romanian Standards Association (ASRO). 

Buyer – a natural person/legal entity or any legal entity who opens an Account on the Website and makes an Order. 

User – any natural person/person registered on the site who, by completing the Account creation process, have given their consent regarding the Website-specific clauses in the Terms and Conditions section. 

Account – the section on the Website formed by an email address and a password that allows the Buyer to send the Order. 

Website – the https://www.asro.ro domain and its subdomain https://magazin.asro.ro/

Order – an electronic document that intervenes as a communication means between the Vendor and the Buyer, by which the Buyer transmits to the Vendor, by means of the Website, their intention of purchasing Products from the Website. 

Products – any product mentioned in the Order, to be provided by the Vendor to the Buyer following the concluding of the agreement. 

Newsletter – periodic information means, exclusively electronic, respectively electronic mail (email), on the Products/Services and/or discounts performed by the Vendor throughout a certain period, without any commitment from the Vendor regarding the information it contains. 

Transaction – charging of an amount resulted from the selling of a Product/Service by ASRO to the Buyer, regardless of the payment and delivery methods. 

Specifications – all specifications and/or descriptions of the Products, the way the latter are referred to in their description below (Chapter 2).



2.1.1     STANDARDS

The Romanian collection of standards includes over 39,000 standards in force, from original Romanian standards to Romanian standards adopting international and European standards, covering numerous fields: management, environment, services, mechanic engineering, electrical engineering, constructions, chemistry and others.

2.1.2      The purchase of standards can be made in various languages and formats that may have different prices, selection being possible, following that the desired standards be added to the shopping bag. Documents are: 

PDF document – it represents the purchase of standards in PDF format, a file format created by ADOBE. To open and read the purchased PDF files, you will need to have the Adobe Reader software installed on your computer. The PDF files are provided either in character-based format, or, for older documents, in TIFF format. All PDF files purchased from the ASRO shop contain a watermark, for protecting ASRO copyright. You may download the PDF electronic format of the ASRO publications you have purchased, on all your personal devices (computer desktop, laptop, tablet, e-reader, smartphone, etc.). Printing is only allowed for personal use. Sharing or posting ASRO documents on your company’ intranet is not allowed based on this Licensing Agreement, consequently, we ask you to contact us at vanzari@asro.ro for more details.

Printed document – it represents the purchase of standards on paper. Standards are delivered via mail or courier. When sending them via mail, postage is added, and when sending them via courier, the latter is paid by the Buyer at the package’ arrival; if you ordered paper support ASRO publications, you are not allowed to make photocopies or reproduce them in any way. Additional paper copies can be made only under the written consent of ASRO. 

Info standard – refers to the purchase of standards within an app by means of which ordered standards can be viewed and printed. This app is delivered online or is installed on Buyer’s server/computer and can be accessed by the user with user and password. Standards can only be printed in one copy. Infostandard Web functions exclusively on Windows operating systems.

If simultaneous accessing of standards by more than one user is intended, a request is sent in this respect to vanzari@asro.ro. In the request, mention must be made of the number of simultaneous users intended, so that the pricing offer be made. 

2.1.3   All downloaded standards contain a watermark. ASRO uses this watermark to protect standards’ copyright. The watermark includes information that have been added to a document, in order to identify the latter’s legal owner. Using the watermark is a means of customising each standard you download. Implicitly, the watermark in the PDF file is displayed on each page of the document and includes information such as: the download date and the name of the de jure owner. 

2.1.4   In the online shop, standards can be searched for by their complete indicative (e.g. ”SR EN ISO 9001”), by the number of the standard preceded and followed by a break (e.g. ”9001 ”) or by key words. If standards indicatives are not known, they can be searched for in the online shop by the fields established according to the International Standard Classification (ISC). For easier search, the over 40 existing fields are divided into groups and subgroups. 

2.2          COLLECTIONS

2.2.1      Pre-established standard collections can only be purchased electronically. The collections pre-established by ASRO benefit of 10% to 30% discounts.

Collections pre-established by ASRO are:

General interest collections, including standards that meet the necessities specific to a certain field (quality, environment, testing on concrete, welding in the field of steel constructions).

Collections interrelated with legislation, including standards that are quoted in the Romanian regulatory acts. Collections bear the name of the corresponding regulatory act.

2.3          Subscription offers

2.3.1      The offers of subscription to the Romanian standards represent the most cost-effective method of procuring the standards necessary to the organisation, due to the facilities granted by ASRO to all subscribers.

Subscription offers, depending of the size of the covered field, are of two types:

General offer – it includes the complete collection of standards whose  Romanian version was approved during the period for which the subscription is made (with discount of minimum 40% included); It is deemed a general subscribing offer a standards series that, regardless of the release year,  accounts for a number of minimum 10 000 pages;

Sectorial offer (ISC) - it includes the Romanian collection of standards grouped according to the International Standard Classification (the ISCs whose Romanian version was approved during the period for which the subscription offer is made); 2.3.2 The subscription offers are delivered also on paper support, via mail or quick courier. With transmission via mail, the postage is added, with transmission via courier, the latter is paid by the Buyer at the package arrival. 

2.4          BOOKS

2.4.1      The works of Standardizarea Publishing House include collections of commented standards, standards’ implementation guidelines, interpretations of standards, etc., and are grouped by the following fields: a) Management, quality, marketing; b) Standardizing. Works and catalogs; c) Life, health and environment protection; d) Technique and technology; e) Coursebook of commented standards; f) Scientific and technical works and events; g) University handbooks and books; h) Regulations and standards.

2.5          INFOSTANDARD

2.5.1      Infostandard is an electronic catalog of the Romanian standards that, after being purchased, either is installed on client’s server and may be simultaneously accessed by 4 users, based on user and password, or will allow its viewing and/or the viewing of the solicited standards, by means of a web address, a user and a password received by the client. Documents are transmitted only during ASRO’ work schedule (Monday to Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and Friday:  8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.). 

2.5.2      The app has all catalog-specific facilities:

- it provides bibliographical data referring to the standard’s name, approval date, implementation field, relation to other standards, the regulations referring to that standard, the adoption method, price, cancelling date, the standard it is replaced by, whether the standard is quoted in the legislation, etc.;

– quick search, depending on different criteria: by the standard’s index, by one or more words, by the international correspondent, by alphanumeric classification (ANC) or international classification (ISC), by the European directives or the Romanian regulatory acts, by the approval date, etc.

Going beyond the facilities of common catalogs, the app can be customised, containing also the texts of the standards procured from ASRO in electronic format (Inforstandard Web), which may be entered to the app and consulted by all users. Standards’ price is paid separately.

2.5.3     To keep information up to date, the app needs to be purchased together with the bibliographical data updating subscription. Based on the subscription, the catalog automatically updates, online.

2.5.4       The app is marketed starting from the basic package, in which four simultaneous accesses and a package of standards, of choice, within the limit of 75 pages, are included. For more simultaneous access variants, please contact the Sales Service, email: vanzari@asro.ro.



3.1          Standards and the standardization-related publications are under copyright protection. As a national standards body, ASRO is the owner of copyright on the Romanian standards and aims at the observing in Romania of the copyright upon European and international standards.

With respect to standards’ copyright, both the common law provisions (Law No 8/1996 on copyright and the connected rights, inclusively the Berna Convention, the WTO TRIPS Agreement, the Directive No 2001/29/EC), and the special law provisions (Law No 163/2015 on the standardizing activity) are considered.

Law 163/2012, at Article 8, contains the following:

„(1)  Romanian standards, European standards and the European and international standardization documents, inclusively projects of them, are deemed scientific documentations, in the meaning contained by Law No 8/1996 on copyright and the connected rights, with subsequent amendments and completions, and are copyright protected.

(2)    The integral or partial reproduction and the spreading of Romanian, European and international standards and of European and international standardization documents are allowed only if previously existing a written consent of the National Standardization Body.

(3)    Anyone who declares a conformity to a Romanian standard, by means of a mark, a declaration or a certificate, must prove the legal ownership of the respective standard, under the provisions of this law”.

3.2          For the consent regarding the integral or partial reproduction of the standards and the standardizing publications, a request must be submitted to the Sales Service (vanzari@asro.ro). The request must include the following data:

name/denomination, address/headquarters and other identification data of the requesting natural/legal person;

the indicative, number and denomination of the standard and/or publication (the accurate indication of the excerpt, if applicable) for whose reproduction the written consent of ASRO is solicited;

number and date of the invoice by which the standard/publication was purchased;

indication of the material, to include the reproduction, the spreading purpose and conditions (price and quantity).

Requests are registered and, within 3 working days, the answer is transmitted. Reproduction licenses are individual, concern strictly the authorised reproduction and are registered in the ASRO Licenses Register.  They include a license number, communicated by ASRO. 

3.3          If you purchase a paper support standard, you may share it with any person willing to read it. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to copy the text by scanning or photocopying it or by any other reproduction means. Electronic files may be stored on any device and you may print one copy for your personal needs. However, you are not allowed to make copies of or to transfer the file or reproduce parts of the latter. For more information, please contact us at the address vanzari@asro.ro

3.5          International or European standards that have been adopted as Romanian standards without the elaboration of the Romanian official version or have not been adopted as Romanian standards, may not be translated for public communication or for constituting part of derivative works, such as: professional training classes, databases, specialised publications and documents. For their translation, contact the translations service of ASRO (vanzari@asro.ro). 

3.6          Standards’ spreading in any form, by any means, for free or for charge is interdicted. Any authorizing of the spreading of ASRO standards and/or publications is subject of a distinct agreement.

3.7          The observance of standards’ copyright does not affect their unrestricted use and applicability. Standards may be used: for documenting and informing, implementation within an organization, implementation in the production and processes within an organization, as reference documents for an agreement, procedure or other documentation type.

3.8          Failure to observe standards’ copyright leads to the implementation of the sanctions provided by the law in force.



4.1          By the registration of an Order on the Website, the Buyer agrees with respect to the communication means (by telephone or email) by which the Vendor performs their trading operations.

4.3         For justified reasons, the Vendor reserves the right to modify the details regarding the Products and the Order prices. If these data are modified during the Order carrying out, the Buyer shall be notified at the email address or the telephone number made available to the Vendor when initiating the Order, and after the discussion on the modifications, will honour the order or will return the paid amount.

4.4          The Agreement is deemed concluded between the Vendor and the Buyer the moment of the receival by the Buyer, from the Vendor, of the ordered products.



5.1          Access for the purpose of making an order is permitted to any Buyer.

For justified reasons, ASRO reserves the right to restrict the access of the Buyer to making an Order and/or payment, if it is deemed that, based on the Buyer’s  conduct or activity on the Website, their actions might prejudice ASRO in any way. In any of these cases, the Buyer may contact the Informatics and Selling Management Department within ASRO, to get informed on the reasons leading to the implementation of the above-mentioned measures.

5.2          Communication with the Vendor may be realized by means of direct interaction with the latter or by the addresses mentioned at the ”Contact” section on the Website.

5.3          All fees afferent to the Products presented on the Website are expressed in lei (RON) and are VAT-included.

5.4          With online payments, the Vendor cannot be made responsible for any other additional cost sustained by the Buyer.


6          THE ORDER

6.1          The Buyer can make Orders on the Website, by adding the intended Products to the shopping bag and by sending the order. Adding a Product to the shopping bag does not entail the registration of an Order, if the steps necessary to the completion of the Order are not all carried out.

6.2          By the completion of the Order, the Buyer agrees that all the data provided by them, necessary within the buying process, are correct, complete and true on the Order placing date.

6.3          By finalizing the Order, the Buyer agrees that the Vendor be allowed to contact them by any means available/approved by the Vendor, in any situation when contacting the Buyer is necessary.

6.4          The Vendor may cancel the Order made by the Buyer only following prior notice addressed to the Buyer, in the following cases:

-     the non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the Buyer’s card, of the transaction, in case of online payment; 

-     the invalidation of the transaction by the agreed upon card processor, in case of online payment; 

-     the data provided by the Buyer on the Website are incomplete and/or incorrect. 

In case an order is cancelled under the above-mentioned conditions, then there is no subsequent obligation of any of the parts towards the other and none of the parts may claim compensations from the other.

6.5          If a Product ordered by the Buyer, cannot be delivered to the Vendor, the latter shall inform the Buyer on this fact and shall return to the Buyer the countervalue of the Product, within maximum 7 (seven) days since the date the Vendor acknowledged the fact or since the date the Buyer explicitly expressed their intention of giving up the order.

6.6          In case of any human error by which a product’s price has been inaccurately entered to our online shop or has been inaccurately understood by the Buyer, we are not obliged to provide the respective product at the wrong price, and this fact will be communicated to the Buyer before the delivery of the order. If such the case, the new price of the product will be transmitted, and the Client will decide whether they intend or not to purchase the product at the correct price.


7          PRIVACY

7.1          ASRO shall observe the privacy of the information of any kind provided by the buyer. Disclosure of the provided information shall only be possible under the conditions stipulated in this Document.

7.2          No public statement, advertising, press release or any other means of disclosure to third parties shall be made by the Buyer regarding the Order without the prior written consent of the Vendor.

7.3          By the registration in the database of ASRO, the Buyer offer their express consent, within the limits of the law in force, of being contacted by ASRO for marketing actions, as well as by state, governmental agencies, when the specific legislation stipulates it.


8          ADVERTISING

8.1          ASRO newsletters are transmitted directly by ASRO, to be ensured data privacy and security.

8.2          The moment the Client create themselves an Account on the Website, they have the possibility of expressing their consent regarding the receival of Newsletters. The Client may modify their option regarding the consent issued toward the Vendor at any time, by contacting ASRO in this respect, to the email address vanzari@asro.ro, or by modifying their subscriber status on the ASRO website.


9              INVOICING - PAYMENT

9.1          The prices of the Products displayed on the Website include VAT.

9.2          Price and payment methods are specified in each Order. The Vendor issues the invoice for the ordered Products, the Buyer’s obligation being to provide all the information necessary for issuing the invoice according the law in force.

9.3          By sending the Order, the Buyer expresses their consent to receive the invoices in electronic format by means of the electronic mail, to the email address mentioned in their Account.

9.4          For a correct communication of the invoice afferent to the Order, the buyer has the obligation of updating the data in their Account each time it is necessary.



10.1        Depending of the type of products and the Buyer’s options, the vendor undertakes to deliver them via mail, quick courier or online. See Chapter 2 for each product type.



The ownership on the Products will be transferred, upon delivery, to the Buyer. Products become Buyer’s property, but the standards’ copyright continues to belong to ASRO (Chapter 3).


12           LIABILITY

12.1        The Vendor cannot be made liable for any kind of damages, which the Buyer or any third party may suffer as a result of the fulfilling by the Vendor with any of their obligations according to the Order, and for damages resulting from the utilization of the Products after delivery, or for loss of the Products.

12.2        By creating and using their Account, the Buyer undertakes the responsibility of keeping the privacy of the Account data (user and password), of managing the accessing of the account and regarding the activity developed by means of their Account.

12.3        By creating their Account and/or by placing the Orders, the Buyer expressly and unequivocally accepts the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the Website in their last, updated version that is communicated within the Website, existing on the Account creation date and/or on the Order placing date.

12.4        Subsequently to the Account creation, the using of the content of the Website corresponds to the acceptance of the Website’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

12.5        The Website’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS may be anytime changed by ASRO, being opposable to the Buyer at the date of their display on the Website.



13.1        The Romanian Standards Association (ASRO), headquartered in Bucharest 1, Mendeleev 21-25 Street, registered at the Court of District 1, Bucharest, in the Register of Associations and Foundations, under No 311/1998, Unique Registration Code: RO11134288, as an operator, declares that all personal data are deemed strictly personal and are treated according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April  2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

13.2        The personal data that we are going to collect from you will be used for the following purposes:

Name, surname, mail address, email address, telephone, bank details – for the carrying out or the signing of an agreement;

Name, surname, mail address, email address, telephone, client code, bank details – based on the legitimate interest and for the fulfilling with the legal obligations.

13.3        In order to ease the progress of the processing purposes-related activities detailed above, we communicate these data to third parties, such as:

courier, IT, bank services;

professional advisors, such as auditors or lawyers;

regulatory authorities, professional bodies and/or public authorities for the conformity with the regulations in force.

13.4        ASRO will hold your personal data throughout the period necessary for the compliance with the legal obligations specific to our activity field, with the applicable prescription  terms or with the filing obligations imposed by the applicable law (for instance, with the obligation specific to the financial and accounting field).

13.5        For more detail, please consult our privacy policy here.

13.6        If any questions regarding the way we process your personal data, you can contact the ASRO Data Protection Officer at the email address dpo@asro.ro.


14          FORCE MAJEURE

14.1        None of the parties shall be liable for the non-execution of the obligations stipulated in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, if such non-execution in due time and/or adequately, totally or partially , is due to a force majeure event, the way the latter is defined by the law.

14.2        If, within 15 (fifteen) days since the data it produced, such event does not cease, each party shall have the right to notify the other party with respect to the rightful termination of the agreement, without any of them being entitled to other compensations from the other party.



This agreement is subject to the Romanian laws. Any possible litigations occurred between ASRO and the Buyers will be solved, as far as possible, amiably or, if this is not possible, litigations will be solved by the Romanian competent courts in Bucharest County. 

These TERMS AND CONDITIONS represent the agreement between you and ASRO regarding the conditions of use of this Website.