SR EN ISO 9241-5:2004

Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs) - Part 5: Workstation layout and postural requirements (ISO 9241-5:1998)

This part of ISO 9241 specifies ergonomic guiding principles which apply to the user requirements, design, and procurement of workstation equipment for office tasks using VDTs. In particular, the general principles and requirements specified in this part of ISO 9241 apply to the standards specifying technical design of furniture and equipment constituting the workplace.

Status : Valid
Approval date : 10/12/2004
Publish date : 10/13/2004
Number of pages : 34
ICS : 13.180 Ergonomics,35.180 IT terminal and other peripheral equipment
Technical Committee : 54 - Ergonomics

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