SR EN 137000:2004

Generic Specification: Fixed aluminium electrolytic a.c. capacitors with non-solid electrolyte for use with motors

This specification is applicable to fixed a.c. aluminium electrolytic capacitors intended: - for connection to windings of asynchronous motors supplied from a single-phase system having a frequency up to and including 100Hz. - to be connected to three-phase asynchronous motors so that the motors may be supplied from a single-phase system. This specification is not applicable to radio interference suppression capacitors, covered by EN 132 400. Neither is it applicable to capacitors for use in electronic equipment, covered by EN 130 000. It establishes standard terms inspection procedures, methods of test for use in sectional and detail specifications within the CECC System, guide-lines for safety rules and for installation and operation.


Status : Withdrawn
Approval date : 1/30/2004
Publish date : 1/31/2004
Withdrawal date : 5/31/2019
Number of pages : 38
ICS : 31.060.30 Paper and plastics capacitors
Technical Committee : 135 - Capacitors and resistors for electronic equipment

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