SR EN 60068-2-78:2004

Environmental testing -- Part 2-78: Tests - Test Cab: Damp heat, steady state

Provides a test method for determining the suitability of electrotechnical products, components or equipment for transportation, storage and use under conditions of high humidity. The test is primarily intended to permit the observation of the effect of high humidity at constant temperature without condensation on the specimen over a prescribed period. This test provides a number of preferred severities of high temperature, high humidity and test duration. The test can be applied to both heat-dissipating and non-heat dissipating specimens. The test is applicable to small equipment or components as well as large equipment having complex interconnections with test equipment external to the chamber, requiring a set-up time which prevents the use of preheating and the maintenance of specified conditions during the installation period.


Status : Withdrawn
Approval date : 1/15/2004
Publish date : 1/16/2004
Withdrawal date : 12/3/2015
Number of pages : 10
ICS : 19.040 Environmental testing,29.020 Electrical engineering in general
Technical Committee : 19 - Environmental conditions, classification and methods of test; Environmental standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems

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