SR EN 50125-3:2003

Railway applications. Environmental conditions for equipment. Part 3: Equipment for signalling and telecommunications

This European Standard specifies the environmental conditions encountered within Europe. It can also be applied elsewhere by agreement between the supplier and the customer. The scope of this European Standard covers the design and the use of equipment and any portable equipment for signalling and telecommunications systems (including test, measure, monitoring equipment, etc.). The portable equipment must comply with the sections of this European Standard relevant to their use. This European Standard does not specify the test requirements for equipment. In particular the standard intends to define – interface conditions between the equipment and its environment, – parameters to be used by designers when calculating R.A.M.S. and life time with respect to environmental condition effects. In this respect it gives general guidance in order to allow consistent assessments of contract documentation for European projects. The defined environmental conditions are considered as normal in service. Microclimates surrounding components may need special requirements to be defined by the p


Status : Valid
Approval date : 11/27/2003
Publish date : 11/28/2003
Number of pages : 32
ICS : 29.280 Electric traction equipment
Technical Committee : 4 - Electrical equipment and systems for railways

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