SR EN 50128:2003

Railway applications. Communications, signalling and processing systems. Software for railway control and protection systems

1.1 This European Standard specifies procedures and technical requirements for the development of programmable electronic systems for use in railway control and protection applications. It is aimed at use in any area where there are safety implications. These may range from the very critical, such as safety signalling to the non-critical, such as management information systems. These systems may be implemented using dedicated microprocessors, programmable logic controllers, multiprocessor distributed systems, larger scale central processor systems or other architectures. 1.2 This European Standard is applicable exclusively to software and the interaction between software and the system of which it is part. 1.3 Software safety integrity levels above zero are for use in systems in which the consequences of failure could include loss of life. Economic or environmental considerations, however, may also justify the use of higher software safety integrity levels. 1.4 This European Standard applies to all software used in development and implementation of railway control and prot

Status : Withdrawn
Approval date : 12/13/2003
Publish date : 12/14/2003
Withdrawal date : 4/25/2017
Number of pages : 98
ICS : 29.280 Electric traction equipment,45.060.10 Tractive stock
Technical Committee : 4 - Electrical equipment and systems for railways

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