SR EN ISO 13004:2023

Sterilization of health care products - Radiation - Substantiation of selected sterilization dose: Method VDmaxSD (ISO 13004:2022)

Adoption of ISO 13004:2022 – This is currently in FDIS and will be publishing in October 2022. This document describes a method for substantiating a selected sterilization dose of 17,5, 20, 22,5, 27,5, 30, 32,5 or 35 kGy that achieves a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10−6 or less for radiation sterilization of health care products. This Technical Specification also specifies a method of sterilization dose audit used to demonstrate the continued effectiveness of the substantiated sterilization dose. NOTE Selection and substantiation of the sterilization dose is used to meet the requirements for establishing the sterilization dose within process definition in ISO 11137-1.


Status : Valid
Approval date : 7/31/2023
Number of pages : 66
ICS : 11.080.01 Sterilization and desinfectation
Technical Committee : 377 - Medical devices