SR EN ISO 20524-2:2023

Intelligent transport systems - Geographic Data Files (GDF) GDF5.1 - Part 2: Map data used in automated driving systems, Cooperative ITS, and multi-modal transport (ISO 20524-2:2020)

This document specifies the conceptual and logical data model in addition to the physical encoding formats for geographic databases for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) applications and services. This document includes a specification of potential contents of such databases (data dictionaries for Features, Attributes and Relationships), a specification of how these contents are to be represented, and how relevant information about the database itself can be specified (metadata). This document further defines map data used in automated driving systems, Cooperative-ITS, and Multi-modal transport. The focus of this document is firstly on emerging ITS applications and services, such as Cooperative-ITS and automated driving systems, and it emphasizes road, lane and relevant information on road and lane. However, ITS applications and services also require other information in addition to road and road-related information, which are provided as external databases to connect with GDF and to complement each other. Highly defined public transport databases, for instance, are indispensable i


Status : Valid
Approval date : 3/31/2023
Number of pages : 608
ICS : 03.220.20 Road transport,35.240.60 IT applications in transport
Technical Committee : 345 - Intelligent transport systems

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