SR EN IEC 63365:2022

Industrial process measurement, control and automation - Digital nameplate

IEC 63365:2022 applies to products used in the process measurement, control and automation industry. It establishes a concept and requirements for the digital nameplate and provides alternative electronically readable solutions (e.g. 2D codes, RFID or firmware) to current conventional plain text marking on the nameplate or packaging of products. The digital nameplate information is contained in the electronically readable medium affixed to the product, the packaging or accompanying documents. The digital nameplate information is available offline without Internet connection. After electronic reading, all digital nameplate information is displayed in a human readable text format. The digital nameplate also includes the Identification Link String according to IEC 61406-1 which provides additional online information for the product. This document does not specify the contents of the conventional nameplate, which are subject to regional or national regulations and standards.


Status : Valid
Approval date : 12/30/2022
Number of pages : 53
ICS : 33.080 Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
Technical Committee : 23 - Industrial -process measurement and control