SR EN ISO 16647:2021

Nuclear facilities - Criteria for design and operation of confinement systems for nuclear worksite and for nuclear installations under decommissioning (ISO 16647:2018)

This document specifies the requirements applicable to the design and use of airborne confinement systems that ensure safety and radioprotection functions in nuclear worksites and in nuclear installations under decommissioning to protect from radioactive contamination produced: aerosol or gas. The purpose of confinement systems is to protect the workers, members of the public and environment against the spread of radioactive contamination resulting from operations in nuclear worksites and from nuclear installations under decommissioning. The confinement of nuclear worksites and of nuclear installations under decommissioning is characterized by the temporary and evolving (dynamic) nature of the operations to be performed. These operations often take place in area not specifically designed for this purpose. This document applies to maintenance or upgrades at worksites which fit the above definition.


Status : Valid
Approval date : 9/30/2021
Number of pages : 46
ICS : 27.120.20 Nuclear power plants. Safety
Technical Committee : 16 - Nuclear instrumentation