SR CEN/TS 16023:2020

Characterization of waste - Determination of gross calorific value and calculation of net calorific value

This Technical Specification specifies a simplified method for the determination of the gross calorific value of waste at constant volume and at the reference temperature of 25 °C in a bomb calorimeter calibrated by combustion of certified benzoic acid. This Technical Specification does not include thermo-chemical corrections. This Technical Specification also specifies a simplified calculation of the net calorific value from the gross calorific value. This Technical Specification is applicable for the evaluation of suitability of waste to be treated by thermal processes and for the energy to be recovered. This Technical Specification is applicable to all kinds of waste.

Status : Valid
Approval date : 11/20/2020
Number of pages : 28
ICS : 13.030.01 Wastes in general
Technical Committee : 360 - Characterization of waste and muds

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