SR CEN/TS 13714:2020

Characterization of sludges - Sludge management in relation to use or disposal

This Technical Specification gives guidance for dealing with the production and control of sludge in relation to inputs and treatment and gives a strategic evaluation of recovery, recycling and disposal options for sludge according to its properties and the availability of outlets. This Technical Specification is applicable for sludges from: - storm water handling; - night soil; - urban wastewater collecting systems; - urban wastewater treatment plants; - treating industrial wastewater similar to urban wastewater (as defined in Directive 91/271/EC [1]); - water supply treatment plants; but excluding hazardous sludges from industry.

Status : Valid
Approval date : 11/20/2020
Number of pages : 26
ICS : 77.060 Corrosion of metals,93.140 Construction of waterways, ports and dykes
Technical Committee : 360 - Characterization of waste and muds

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