SR CEN/TS 16637-1:2020

Construction products - Assessment of release of dangerous substances - Part 1: Guidance for the determination of leaching tests and additional testing steps

(1) This document allows the identification of the appropriate leaching test method for the determination of the release of RDS from construction products into soil, surface water and groundwater. This document provides a stepwise procedure for the determination of appropriate release tests, including: a) determination of the test method based on general product properties; b) choice of the test method using specific product properties. (2) Furthermore, this Technical Specification gives general guidance for CEN Technical Product Committees and EOTA WGs on basic aspects (sampling, sample preparation and storage, eluate treatment, analysis of eluates and documentation) to be specified in the relevant product standards or ETAs. (3) Metallic products and coatings on metallic products are not considered in the determination scheme of this Technical Specification since the test methods in CEN/TS 16637-2 (tank test) and CEN/TS 16637-3 (column test) are not appropriate for the testing of these construction products due to a different release mechanism (solubility control). NOTE See A


Status : Valid
Approval date : 9/30/2020
Number of pages : 51
ICS : 13.040.20 Ambient atmospheres,19.040 Environmental testing,91.100.01 Construction materials in general
Technical Committee : 113 - Materials for roof covering, thermic and phonic insulating, waterproof

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