SR EN ISO 34101-2:2020

Sustainable and traceable cocoa - Part 2: Requirements for performance (related to economic, social and environmental aspects) (ISO 34101-2:2019)

This document specifies performance requirements related to economic, social and environmental aspects for sustainable cocoa bean production, including post-harvest processes, if applicable. NOTE Post-harvest processes include pod-breaking, fermentation, drying, sorting, packing, transport and storage of cocoa beans. Only organizations that fulfil both the cocoa sustainability management system requirements of either ISO 34101-1 or ISO 34101-4:2019, Annex A or B, and the performance requirements of this document can claim their cocoa beans have been sustainably produced.


Status : Valid
Approval date : 7/31/2020
Number of pages : 34
ICS : 67.140.30 Cocoa
Technical Committee : 95 - Foods and horticultural products and analysis methods