SR HD 22.3 S3:2001

Rubber insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V -- Part 3: Heat resistant silicone rubber insulated cables

This part (Part 3) of the HD details the particular specifications for silicone rubber-insulated cables of rated voltage of 300/500 V. Each cable shall comply with the appropriate requirements given in Part 1 and the particular requirements of this part. NOTE: The overall dimensions of the cables of this Part of HD 22 have been calculated in accordance with EN 60719.


Status : Withdrawn
Approval date : 9/28/2001
Publish date : 9/29/2001
Withdrawal date : 2/1/2006
Number of pages : 15
ICS : 29.060.20 Cables
Technical Committee : 159 - Electric cables

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