SR EN ISO 9241-11:2018

Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 11: Usability: Definitions and concepts (ISO 9241-11:2018)

ISO 9241-11:2018 provides a framework for understanding the concept of usability and applying it to situations where people use interactive systems, and other types of systems (including built environments), and products (including industrial and consumer products) and services (including technical and personal services). NOTE In this document, the phrase "object of interest" refers to the system, product or service for which usability is being considered (see 8.1). ISO 9241-11:2018: - explains that usability is an outcome of use; - defines key terms and concepts; - identifies the fundamentals of usability; and - explains the application of the concept of usability. ISO 9241-11:2018 does not describe specific processes or methods for taking account of usability in design development or evaluation. The intended users of this document include: - usability/ergonomics/human factors professionals; - designers and developers of systems, products and services; - quality assurance personnel; - public and corporate purchasers; and - consumer organizations. The most common applications


Status : Valid
Approval date : 10/31/2018
Number of pages : 40
ICS : 13.180 Ergonomics,35.080 Software
Technical Committee : 54 - Ergonomics

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