SR EN ISO 9241-125:2018

Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 125: Guidance on visual presentation of information (ISO 9241-125:2017)

ISO 9241-125:2017 provides guidance for the visual presentation of information controlled by software, irrespective of the device. It includes specific properties such as the syntactic or semantic aspects of information, e.g. coding techniques, and gives provisions for the organization of information taking account of human perception and memory capabilities. Those of its provisions that do not apply to specific types of visual interfaces clearly indicate any limitations to their applicability. It does not address specific details of charts, graphs or information visualization. ISO 9241-125:2017 can be utilized throughout the design process (e.g. as specification and guidance for designers during design or as a basis for heuristic evaluation). Its provisions for the presentation of information depend upon the visual design approach, the task, the user, the environment and the single or multiple technologies that might be used for presenting the information. Consequently, this document cannot be applied without knowledge of the context of use. It is not intended to be used as a


Status : Valid
Approval date : 3/30/2018
Number of pages : 58
ICS : 13.180 Ergonomics,35.180 IT terminal and other peripheral equipment
Technical Committee : 54 - Ergonomics

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