SR EN 1559-1:2011

Founding - Technical conditions of delivery - Part 1: General

This part of EN 1559 specifies the general technical delivery conditions for castings made from cast metallic materials except copper alloy castings. This part of EN 1559 is not applicable to metallic castings for further reprocessing such as forging ingots and continuously cast billets and blooms. NOTE 1 Technical delivery conditions for copper alloy castings are specified in EN 1982. NOTE 2 Additional technical delivery condition requirements which are specific to particular materials are specified in the following parts of this standard series: EN 1559-2 for cast steel; EN 1559-3 for cast iron; EN 1559-4 for cast aluminium; EN 1559-5 for cast magnesium; EN 1559-6 for cast zinc.


Status : Valid
Approval date : 7/29/2011
Number of pages : 24
ICS : 77.180 Equipment for the metallurgical industry
Technical Committee : 47 - Foundry technology

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