SR EN ISO 9241-129:2011

Ergonomics of human-system interaction -- Part 129: Guidance on software individualization

ISO 9241-129:2010 provides ergonomics guidance on individualization within interactive systems, including recommendations on where individualization might be appropriate or inappropriate and how to apply individualization. It focuses on individualization of the software user interface to support the needs of users as individuals or as members of a defined group. It does not recommend specific implementations of individualization mechanisms. It provides guidance on how the various aspects of individualization are made usable and accessible, but does not specify which individualizations are to be included within a system. (Individualizations depend on the specific context of use for which an interactive system is to be designed and/or used, and need to be developed for that specific context of use.) ISO 9241-129:2010 is not intended to be used in isolation. It deals only with individualization within the context of designing a complete software system. It is intended to be used with ISO 9241-110 and any other parts in the ISO 9241 series applicable to the design of the intended


Status : Valid
Approval date : 4/29/2011
Number of pages : 64
ICS : 13.180 Ergonomics,35.180 IT terminal and other peripheral equipment
Technical Committee : 54 - Ergonomics