SR EN 62423:2010

Type B residual current operated circuit-breakers with and without integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses (Type B RCCBs and Type B RCBOs)

The scope of IEC 61008-1 and IEC 61009-1 applies. This standard specifies requirements and tests for type B RCDs. Requirements and tests given in this standard are in addition to the requirements of type A residual current devices. Type B RCCBs and Type B RCBOs are able to provide protection in case of alternating residual sinusoidal currents up to 1 000 Hz, pulsating direct residual currents and smooth direct residual currents in case of three phase supply.


Status : Withdrawn
Approval date : 6/30/2010
Publish date : 7/2/2010
Withdrawal date : 6/19/2017
Number of pages : 42
ICS : 29.120 Electrical accessories,29.120.50 Fuses and other overcurrent protection device
Technical Committee : 11 - Electrical accessories

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