SR EN 15273-3:2010

Railway applications - Gauges - Part 3: Structure gauges

This standard: 3 defines the various profiles needed to install, verify and maintain the various structures near the structure gauge; - lists the various phenomena to be taken into account to determine the structure gauge; - defines a methodology that may be used to calculate the various profiles from these phenomena; - lists the rules to determine the distance between the track centres; - lists the rules to be complied with when building the platforms; - lists the rules to determine the pantograph gauge; - lists the formulae needed to calculate the structure gauges in the catalogue.


Status : Withdrawn
Approval date : 5/31/2010
Publish date : 6/2/2010
Withdrawal date : 10/31/2013
Number of pages : 166
ICS : 45.020 Railway engineering in general
Technical Committee : 146 - Railway applications

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