SR EN ISO 3506-1:2010

Mechanical properties of corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners - Part 1: Bolts, screws and studs (ISO 3506-1:2009)

ISO 3506-1:2009 specifies the mechanical properties of bolts, screws and studs made of austenitic, martensitic and ferritic steel grades of corrosion-resistant stainless steels, when tested over an ambient temperature range of 10 °C to 35 °C. Properties vary at higher or lower temperatures. ISO 3506-1:2009 applies to bolts, screws and studs - with nominal thread diameter d ? 39 mm, - of triangular ISO metric threads with diameters and pitches in accordance with ISO 68-1, ISO 261 and ISO 262, and - of any shape. It does not apply to screws with special properties, such as weldability.


Status : Withdrawn
Approval date : 4/30/2010
Publish date : 5/2/2010
Withdrawal date : 5/29/2020
Number of pages : 36
ICS : 21.060.10 Bolts, screw, studs
Technical Committee : 59 - Screw threads, fasteners and bearings

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