SR CEI/TS 60479-2:2009

Effects of current on human beings and livestock. Part 2: Special aspects

IEC 60479-2, which is a technical specification, describes the effects on the human body when a sinusoidal alternating current in the frequency range above 100 Hz passes through it. The effects of current passing through the human body for<br /> - alternating sinusoidal current with d.c. components,<br /> - alternating sinusoidal current with phase control,<br /> - alternating sinusoidal current with multicycle control, are given but are only deemed applicable for alternating current frequencies from 15 Hz up to 100 Hz.<br /> This standard furthermore describes the effects of current passing through the human body in the form of single unidirectional rectangular impulses, sinusoidal impulses and impulses resulting from capacitor discharges. The values specified are deemed to be applicable for impulse durations from 0,1 ms up to and including 10 ms. For impulse durations greater than 10 ms, the values given in Figure 20 of IEC 60479-1 apply. This standard only considers conducted current resulting from the direct application of a source of current to the body, as does IEC 60479

Status : Withdrawn
Approval date : 5/31/2009
Publish date : 6/2/2009
Withdrawal date : 11/29/2017
Number of pages : 42
ICS : 13.200 Accident and disaster control,29.020 Electrical engineering in general
Technical Committee : 136 - Electrical installation in buildings

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