SR CEN ISO/TR 15608:2009

Welding - Guidelines for a metallic materials grouping system (ISO/TR 15608:2005)

ISO/TR 15608:2005 provides a uniform system for grouping of materials for welding purposes. It may also apply to other purposes such as heat treatment, forming, non-destructive testing. It covers grouping systems for the following standardized materials: steel; aluminium and its alloys; nickel and its alloys; copper and its alloys; titanium and its alloys; zirconium and its alloys; cast iron.

Status : Withdrawn
Approval date : 5/26/2009
Publish date : 5/28/2009
Withdrawal date : 1/31/2014
Number of pages : 14
ICS : 25.160.01 Welding, brazing and soldering in general
Technical Committee : 39 - Welding and allied processes

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