SR EN 1846-3+A1:2009

Firefighting and rescue service vehicles - Part 3: Permanently installed equipment - Safety and performance

1.1 This Part of this European Standard specifies the minimum requirements for safety and performance of some optional specific permanently installed equipment on firefighting and rescue service vehicles, operated by trained persons, as designated in EN 1846-1 and specified in EN 1846-2. NOTE 1 Categories and mass classes of the firefighting and rescue service vehicles are given in EN 1846-1. The permanently installed equipment dealt with in this Part of this European Standard is given below: - water installation; - additive installation; - monitor; - equipment gantries. NOTE 2 This Part of this European Standard should be read in conjunction with any national regulations in force for vehicles using the public roads and with any EU Directives and associated EFTA regulations in force relevant to vehicles and their equipment. For the purposes of this European Standard, the normal ambient temperature range is - 15 °C to + 35 °C. NOTE 3 In the case of utilization outside this temperature range, the particular temperature range should be specified by the user. 1.2 This Part of


Status : Withdrawn
Approval date : 2/27/2009
Publish date : 3/1/2009
Withdrawal date : 12/23/2013
Number of pages : 42
ICS : 13.220.10 Fire-fighting
Technical Committee : 216 - Fire protection equipment

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