SR CEI/TS 60479-1:2006

Effects of current on human beingsand livestock. Part 1: General aspects

IEC 60479-1:2005 For a given current path through the human body, the danger to persons depends mainly on the magnitude and duration of the current flow. However, the time/current zones specified in this publication are, in many cases, not directly applicable in practice for designing measures of protection against electrical shock. The necessary criterion is the admissible limit of touch voltage (i.e. the product of the current through the body called touch current and the body impedance) as a function of time. The relationship between current and voltage is not linear because the impedance of the human body varies with the touch voltage, and data on this relationship is therefore required. The different parts of the humanbody (such as the skin, blood, muscles, other tissues and joints) present to the electric current a certain impedance composed of resistive and capacitive components. The values of body impedance depend on a number of factors and, in particular, on current path, on touch voltage, duration of current flow, frequency, degree of moisture of the skin, surface ar

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Approval date : 10/6/2006
Publish date : 10/8/2006
Withdrawal date : 1/31/2019
Number of pages : 62
ICS : 01.040.01 Generalities.Terminology.Standardization,13.200 Accident and disaster control,29.020 Electrical engineering in general
Technical Committee : 136 - Electrical installation in buildings

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