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General information about this website

In order to navigate without any troubles inside this website, we ask you to:
- use a resolution of 800x600 pixels or more (1024x768 in recommended) and a color quality of minimum 16 bit;
- allow your browser to accept the cookies you will download from this website - they are read only inside the pages of this site and do not contain information who can provide conclusions concerning your preferences, options or online behavior;
- enter this website only through the home page (; in order to do that, we ask you to not check ("add bookmark", "add to favorites") bookmarks but only the homepage of the site;
- not using proxy servers for anonymous status when you login or when you complete the ordering formularies.

ASRO tries to be as precisely as it can concerning the content and the prices from this website; however, we cannot guarantee that the descriptions (specification, photos, etc.), price or other information concerning one product is always complete or up to date (see below the chapter Miscellaneous); the products photos do not create contractual obligations.

Choosing products

Browse the website, study the products and their prices. Products are available in various formats: CD, paper or Electronic. Each format has its own price. To add at the "shopping basket" the product in CD format, press the button .

Electronic collections of standards are embedded in application InfoStandard Web.

For ICS/CAN oderds, only viable (published / aproved) standards are added. If a standard in the ordered ICS/CAN has romanian and english version, only the romanian version is ordered. If you want to order the english version as well, you must search it and order the standard inividualy.

You can do the following changes over the products in the "shopping basket": to modify the quantity or to delete the product from the basket. In order to purchase the products from the "shopping basket", you have to authenticate in the Log in. page. If you do not have an account on website, you can create one in Create account page.

Finalizing orders

After finishing of selecting the products and their quantities, click on the link Shopping cart. You must introduce your address, name and contact details, firm details (if you prefer that the invoice to be issued on your firm name). Select the payment method. At the end you can choose how the products will be delivered and the address of delivery - if this one is different from the registered address. Please be very careful at the payment or delivery conditions/restrictions specified on the form.

After you finish the order, you will receive an e-mail commercial invoice with the details about the chosen products plus details about the transaction if the payment will be done by banking card.

You can also order the products from our offer by telephone, by calling at (004) 021-317.76.20 or fax at (004) 021-317.25.14, where one of our operators will be at your disposal for information and details. This last solution is addressed to customers who prefer ordering the products exclusively by telephone.

Deliveres are made only after payment is confirmed.

About payment

In order to pay the purchased products you have the following modes:
- online with banking card
Card bancar
- through banking transfer - cash(Payment at ASRO)

Deliveres are made only after payment is confirmed.

For banking transfers, the payment of the products will be made in the account of the ASSOCIATION OF STANDARDISATION in ROMANIA, fiscal code: RO11134288, IBAN: RO77 RNCB 0082 0441 6720 0010 opened at BCR UNIREA BUCURESTI, according to the commercial invoice received by e-mail after the finalization of the order.

About delivery

The electronic products purchased will be delivered by courier and the transportation costs will be supported by you.

Confidentiality of information

ASRO has a strict policy concerning the keeping of the confidentiality of information of his clients. ASRO is engaging to not divulge personal dates of his customers to others and to use the information only for the purpose for whom was introduced (making orders). and ASRO discourages SPAM-ing, do not provides your e-mail address to others (physical or juridical persons), do not sales, offers, trades the e-mail addresses obtained through this website, does not divulges your e-mail address to other persons who is visiting this website, without your explicit accord.

About authentication

In order to have access to all functions of this website, you have to open an account on this server. You must authenticate every time you wish to buy products on this website.The authentication is not necessary for studying the products offer. Any user can do that without restrictions.

Authentication is mandatory for ordering. The account created by you is used to retain your dates, and use them for another order without making you complete again the entirely order form, but only the fields that contains differences.

You can create your own account at the page Create account.
The registered user authentication is made at the Log in page..
These links (Create account and Log in) are available at the left side of the website pages, in the section Menu.
Please complete carefully all the fields; any erroneous dates can create a lot of troubles in the delivering process.
Some fields most be completed obligatory. Without this information we will not be able to deliver the orders. These fields are marked distinctively (with *).

It is not possible the registration of two users with the same e-mail address or user name. Username serve for authentication. If the registration is rejected with an explicit message caused by a wrong username or duplicate, please send us a message with a problem description. Use the form from the page Contact.

Please do not use proxy for anonymous status when you create a new account or login. Trying to hide the IP address can fail the operation of registration/authentication.

Shopping basket

Shopping basket retains the selected products from our list. The selected products are shown in there. You can modify quantities (increasing or decreasing by an unit of the actual quantity), erase products from list or empty the shopping basket.
When you decide to order the content of the basket, use the link Shopping cart. You must authenticate for this operation.

When you send an order, you will have to complete a form with your contact information, to choose the way of payment and the delivery mode. The form has two pages. Please read and fill the headings carefully. Obligatory fields are clearly marked. If the form is correctly filled, you will go at the order confirmation page, where you will find a summary of the data you provided. The information is stocked for your next order.

You will receive a copy of confirmation by e-mail (commercial invoice) in a few minute after the form was completed.

Browsing the website

- the system is not case sensitive (e.g.: searching Activ or ACTIV or activ goes to the same results);
-the system ignores diacritics (e.g.: searching clasa or clasă goes to the same results)
- the system looks for character successions that correspond entirely or partially to a specific word (e.g.: searching prim goes to all pages that contains prim, , such as imprim, primadona, exprimare, etc.)

Technical support

For qualifications and technical support we are at your disposal on the e-mail address as well as at the following telephone numbers: (004) 021-316.77.25, (004) 021-316.77.23, (004) 021-021-316.76.20.

Your messages and calls are processed daily only in working days:
Monday - Thursday between 7.45-16.15
Friday between 7.45-13.30

Product prices

The final prices are expressed in LEI (RON) including VAT. If a product has a wrong price caused by some typographical, informational, technical etc. errors, ASRO reserves all wrights to refuse/cancel any order for that product and will correct/eliminate the mistake in the shortest time possible.

Orders processing

Orders are processed in the shortest time possible, without over-passing 2 working days starting from the order launching. The existence in stock of the ordered products(s) will be confirmed when the order will be validated by telephone. Orders are processed in the way they arrives and exclusively in the stock limit. In exceptional situations (agglomerate periods, 0 stock, vacations, special orders, etc.) might be delays in the processing of validation and delivery of the orders. Orders are not processed in weekends.


Products are ensured from the delivery until the reception. Please verify the integrity of the products at their arrival and in the presence of the courier and sign for reception ONLY after you verify the content of the package. We are not responding for eventual further reclamation concerning the integrity of the products. If the products have damages/destructions or they are incomplete and this situation is noted at the reception (in the presence of the courier), please note that on the receipt note of the courier (with as many details as possible) and inform us urgently by e-mail at the address Please give back to the courier the package with the non-conform products for return (the way-back payment will be supported by us - only if the reception was made in the presence of the courier).

If any of the electronic products has technical malfunctions, please consult the Technical Support section.

ATENTION!! Usually, the couriers are not present at the receptions of the packages; in consequence, please DO NOT sign for reception until you verify the content of the package/es!

Promotions and special offers

All the promotions and special offers presented on the website are available exclusively in the limit of the existing stock.


All emblems and trade marks used on this website are the property of their owners. The prices and products specifications can be changed without a previous notification. Please inform us urgently on the e-mail address if, by an unfortunate mistake from us, you find non-conformities between what it is presented on the SITE, or what you ordered and received. We will contact you in order to remedy the problem.